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    Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Campaigns

    We take the view that every engagement with a subscriber should be seen as an opportunity for operators to either up-sell their existing products and services or cross-sell to an all-new subscriber service. Utilising our accumulated insight into mobile user behaviour we devise Up-Sell & Cross-Sell campaigns that capture the attention of the subscriber with the right message at exactly the right time, thereby maximising propensity to participate. These campaigns are either stand-alone or embedded modules within other mobile marketing activities.

    Typical Key Performance Indicators include:
    • Increased retail store traffic
    • Conversion of pre-pay customers to subscription
    • Increased product reach to lower ARPU segments
    • Stimulation of dialogue between end users and
      mobile operators
    • Targeted Customer Rewards
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    High Interaction sms campaigns

    Our High Interaction sms campaigns are self-financing marketing campaigns that typically last for 4-15 weeks. These kind of campaigns take the form of fun, skill-based competitions which give subscribers a chance to win high value prizes. The most important aspect of these campaigns, is that they can be deployed in so much simple as much as in a complexed mode; hiding enormous potential and power that contributes in the profiling and segmentation of the customer base, the cross-sell and up-sell of the mobile operator’s products and services and of course to the generation of huge incremental revenues. High Interaction sms campaigns can be deployed as stand alone campaigns or as part of a more sophisticated mode that aims to compliment more long term mobile marketing efforts such as retention, loyalty and churn reduction programs.

    • ARPU Boost
    • Increase in spending frequency
    • Customer Retention
    • Brand loyalty that acts as a barrier to competition
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    Retention & Loyalty Programs

    We firmly believe that mobile marketing should never operate in a vacuum. The best campaigns are those based around a range of complementary activities. Our Retention & Loyalty Programmes are either fully integrated or stand-alone campaigns that use interactive games, usually with lower value prizes, combined with incentives to top-up, upgrade or gain redeemable points. These programmes typically run alongside high interaction campaigns but in every case the user journey and experience includes incentives to extend the relationship with the mobile operator – taking promotions well beyond direct revenue generation.

    BigTime Retention & Loyalty programmes are straightforward and effective with a focus on measurable results. We design them so that they are complementary with operators’ own efforts without necessarily involving complex technical integration. This is why they work equally well in both developed and emerging markets – optimum value with minimal time and cost overhead for the operator.

    Key Performance Indicators include:
    • Retention & Churn Reduction
    • Customer Profiling
    • Increase in Spending Frequency
    • Spam Reduction & High Interaction
    • Targeted Customer Rewards
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    Mobile Payments Aggregations

    BigTime has managed to expand it product & services portfolio and offer top-notch aggregation services to mobile network operators around the globe. The spotlight of these services has been in Africa and the Americas. BigTime is carrying all the proven charging models spanning from even based billing (MO/MT), subscriptions (daily,weekly, monthly) via MT SMS or direct carrier billing, SMS alerts (MT SMS), all the way to OBS (WEB, WAP) direct carrier billing. The services offered under the aggregation section are:

    • Text Alerts
    • Gaming
    • Micro Payments
    • Online Videos
    • TV & Radio Station Interactivity
    • Traditional Mobile Content Downloads (Music, Wallpapers etc.)
    • Internet Based Online Games
    • Mobile Subscriptions and
    • Free to Play Browser Games (Fremium Model)
    • For more information email us at:
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    BigTime is a concept breakthrough, a totally new point of view of how loyalty programs are not to be designed in first place just to create loyalty but designed to achieve customer satisfaction that results to happy users – and happy users mean loyal customers. MobiWards mandates a whole new era in mobile marketing. The authenticity of the service manifests through its simplicity and ability to ignite customer emotions that lead to bonding and stickiness between the mobile operator brand and the customer/user. MobiWards for mobile operators comes into 2 versions; the Lite and the full-blown version of the program, depending on the country, the mobile operator and the market (emerging or developed market)